Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chili's Bar and Grill, Corona

I'm a little late with this one, it's been a rough couple days. So, we had Chili's after church last Sunday. This is a dangerous proposition, as there are a few large churches in the region, so Chili's, Macaroni Grill, and On The Border in the Crossings at Corona all tend to get pretty piled up on a Sunday afternoon. But, we lucked out and were seated almost immediately. But not before seeing some woman make sure that two elderly ladies knew in no uncertain terms she was ahead of them. She then drilled into her husband for not standing more aggressively in line. Makes the world a better place, don't it?
Anyway, sat properly, drinks came quick. The menu seemed overwhelming to me. The layout looked like it was pasted up manually and then the designer tripped right before he got to the camera. It was jumbled and hard to read. I'm all for avant design, it HAS to be functional. Anyway, I settled on a bowl of the Chicken Enchilada soup and the Chicken Tacos.
I don't really believe they made the soup from scratch. It had that 100 gallon batch feel to it. But they top it off with fresh cheese and it really was delicious. In fact after watching me have my bowl and another person in our party have a cup, a third person ordered a cup for himself.
The tacos came, and they were fine. Still, if you screw up a chicken soft taco.... I mean, even fast food does this pretty well. But they were pretty good, although not superb. And, the black beans on the side, very yummy. The side of rice, however. I dunno, it seemed like something I'd make at home out of a box. I know it's only a side, but it was a bit of a bummer.
My wife had salad and a bowl of chili. It looked great, and she seemed to enjoy it. A third person ordered a Chicken Fried Steak that I absolutely will order next time. The last member of the party had a sandwich. All I remember is that it had bacon.
So, the service was... How can I describe it? It wasn't bad. It was... adequate. Which again, isn't bad. But it was nothing to write about, which is why I am having trouble.
Friendly enough, drinks were filled often enough, and they gave my daughter a balloon she loved. And, for bonus points, they didn't offer her any crayons to chew up. I have reached the old age, however, where the waitresses in these places look to me like they are violating child labor laws. Of course 18 was half a life time ago for me, so I'm sure they were legal.
Chili's is in The Crossings at Corona, at 3579 Grand Oaks Corona, CA

That's it, thanks. I'm stuffed.

Brian Norwood

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goldenecho said...

"And, for bonus points, they didn't offer her any crayons to chew up."

If they had you would have noticed that they were named things like "Chili Pepper" "Jalapeno" etc. I always think its ironic when people name crayon colors after food and expect children NOT to eat them (ok...so the children eating them can't read, and maybe if they could "Jalapeno" would be a deterent...but anyways.")