Sunday, April 6, 2008

Market Broiler, Riverside

This was my first time to Riverside Market Broiler since the big remodel. They redid the dinning room to make it more inline with what is apparently now the flagship Ontario Mills location. The dining room does look more upscale, but in truth, I liked the rustic feel of the previous design. While the bar and Fish Market remain, everything has been updated. Also gone are the days of the wild Hawaiian Print Shirts. Solid black with an apron is standard for the wait staff now. Again, classy, but less unique. Child accommodations were clean, easy and effortless, although they assumed she was a much older child, leaving a children's menu and crayons for our 10 month old.

We were there for lunch. The menu has changed. Sadly the dinner salad is no longer an included side dish option. It'll cost you two bucks to add a side salad now. The wife and I both ordered Atlantic Salmon with a shrimp skewer (I think they call it "The Atlantic Catch" but don't quote me on that. I had cottage cheese and tomato slices on the side and the wife had the red potatoes. Service was friendly and prompt, but this is to be expected by now. I've never had bad service at this location.

The meal was also typical of the quality I have come to expect when I eat here. The Salmon fillet was generous, full flavored and expertly prepared. The shrimp were ample and savory. As for the sides, I chose them to be more health conscious. I don't know that I believe there is such a thing as "exceptional" cottage cheese. To me, it is what it is. Next time, I'll pony up the two bills for the salad.

You can expect to pay about 12 to 15 dollars per person, and the place can get very busy at lunch time so plan ahead. Market Broiler is located at 3525 Merrill Street
Riverside, CA 92506, Across from the Riverside Plaza.

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GODrums said...

we will be checking this place out SOON.....our 6th anniversary is coming up.

And....I'll be giving this some LINK LOVE! (you have to say "link love" with your the gayest voice you can come up with to get the effect.)