Friday, May 2, 2008

Subway, Van Buren, Riverside

Who knew I'd give Subway a chance to disappoint me so soon after the Quizno's visit. So sad.
First off, it was crowded. Always a turn off for me, but I was on a mission. I ordered a stock Turkey with Provolone cheese, all the veggies, mustard, vinegar and pepper. The sanwich was fine. Fresh enough, and tasty. But I got to the cash register, and said "I want a combo with Chicken Soup and a Large Drink. Oh and throw these in," and I picked out some Baked Lays. So she rings me up and says, "have a nice day!"
Hmmm. "Where's my soup?"
"Oh, you wanted soup?"
"Yeah, that's what I ordered. The chips were the afterthought."
"I didn't charge you for soup. What kind did you want?"
"The Chicken Noodle."
"Oh. We're out of that."

So, it get's better. I have to take my wife a sandwich home.
"Hi. Uh, weren't you just here?"
So, i literally say "Yes, now I'm taking one home to my wife, so I can stay married. Simplest sub ever. Ham & Swiss on wheat. Just meat, cheese and mayo."
She's making my order with someone else's. Sure fire way to screw it up. And true to form, she grabs TWO BIG HANDFULS of lettuce and dumps them on my wife's sandwich.
What I said next was rude and I regret it. The gist was, I didn't see where lettuce fit in with "meat, cheese and mayo".
And then, completely in line with the level of service I have come to expect from this Subway, she brushes off the excess lettuce, and wraps up the sandwich. Un-FREAKING-believable.
Your visit couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad as mine. Subway is located at 5553 Van Buren Blvd, Riverside.


That's it, thanks. I'm stuffed.

Brian Norwood

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Kimberly said...

You've got to post about NYPD in Corona. The bagels and pasta are good, but their chopped vegetable salad.....yum! The lunch portion is plenty served with fresh, warm bread. Another Corona pick is King's Fish at the Crossing. Fresh fish and awesome sushi.
I recommend going for lunch during the week. You can't get a table anywhere in South Corona in the evening or weekends. Also, we're cheepskates.

Brian Norwood said...

I'll have to go back to NYPD. It was indeed yum. Maybe I'll take the wife to King's Fish. I think they have one of those in Long Beach too.