Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ruby's Diner, Galleria at Tyler, Riverside, CA

So, I've decided maybe to not mention EVERYTIME we eat at Anchos, which is a lot. So, recently we hit the Ruby's Diner in the , ah-hem, Galleria at Tyler, which has changed a lot since many of you moved, and boasts a P.F. Changs and a Cheesecake Factory. La-ti-freakin'-da.
So, it's officially Hell Hot in Riverside these days, and the mall is really not that cool (meaning temperature. It's me that is no longer cool enough for the mall, socially)
So, I made a few mistakes this visit. One, I chose to sit inside. It was actually cooler "outside" (meaning outside the restaurant, but still inside the mall) than it was in the restaurant. Also, I'm more of a table than a booth guy. I know this, and yet I continue to voluntarily sit in booths. It's dumb. And last and most severe, I'm at freaking RUBY'S and I DIDN'T order a freaking MALT!!!!!! What the heck was I thinking?!?!?!?

So, I had Turkey Burger Sliders, which were pale imitations of White Castle Sliders. Still, if you've had a White Castle Slider, you know even a pale imitation can be pretty tasty. The problem with sliders, however, is you are basically eating a burger in terms of fat and calories, but presented in such a way as to encourage you to eat about 30 of them. Luckily, actually eating 30 is cost prohibitive. So, I believe the plate came with 4. Honestly, they didn't last long enough to be sure. They came with a plate of fries. Now, I don't really care for fries, and only really enjoy them covered in malt vinegar, ala fish and chips. Luckily Ruby's was able to accommodate me.

My wife had a chopped salad, which was big enough to feed 2 people, 5 turtles, or 1 small horse. She didn't finish it, and we were shopping, so there was no possibility of taking it home.

The service was good. Not amazing, but I've got nothing negative to say. The waitresses wear a dress that is about a 7 on the Hooters scale of inappropriateness. My wife noticed that I noticed.

Everyone tries to give Katie (who is a very young 1 year old) the kids menu and usually we refuse, but the Ruby's Kids menu folds into a 55 (I think) Chevy Bel Air, which was cool, and also a toy we could let her destroy with impunity.

I'd like to try a Ruby's that isn't in a mall. I think it'd be a better experience.

That's it, thanks. I'm stuffed.

Brian Norwood

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Anonymous said...

For real atmosphere, try the Ruby's Diner on the Seal Beach pier. You stroll down the pier all the way to the end to get to Ruby's. While doing this, you walk past people fishing, look over the side to see others chasing waves, sometimes you'll find a pelican observing you (if you're lucky) and the the vast, awesome ocean.
It's seems to put everything into perspective. Try it on summer when there's a full moon...nothing like it. Oh yeah, about Ruby's! The waitresses are young and friendly, can't beat the cherry cokes (with extra marachino cherries) and the shrimp plate is great (not the cole slaw, though).
It is so worth the trip.